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Jury Continues Deliberations In Trump Hush Money Trial
Former U.S. President Donald Trump appears in court for his hush money trial May 30, 2024, at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City. (Steven Hirsch-Pool/Getty Images)

Despite our differences we are all Americans

Our country is in distress, sadly. Half are joyful and half are sad over the Trump conviction. It breaks my heart to see how divided our country has become. How do we come together? Listening to so many comments this week, I reminded myself that I taught my five now-adult children never to pounce on people because you view them as a bad person. Find a solution. Again, how can we bring our country together? The rhetoric we hear from both sides is just that, rhetoric. No one seems to want to address the deeper issues our wonderful country is facing. Despite your political affiliation, we are all Americans and I hope we all want what is best for us as Americans. Onward.

Linda Merkel

Hanover Township, Northampton County

Senators should lose jobs if they refuse to do them

With the verdict against Donald Trump issued, 10 MAGA senators have said they will lead a revolt against the federal government by no longer passing legislation, funding the government or voting to confirm administration appointees. Since private citizen Donald Trump was convicted in a state court by 12 people in New York, they said they would not do the federal job they were elected for.

This means to me that if they’re not doing their job, they should not get paid and should be voted out of office. They were voted by us citizens to go to Washington to do a job to make government better for all, serve the people they represent.

If I told my employer I would not do my job, I certainly could face termination. Representatives and senators work for us, we are their employers, and it appears they are now only working for their party not for us. What is happening with our government?

Mary Heintzelman

Whitehall Township

Mayfair offered art, food and a break from politics

My spouse and I attended Mayfair this past weekend (an annual tradition). We were pleasantly surprised to see not one political T-shirt or hat. Although we spied a bumper sticker on one car supporting a candidate, political partisanship was definitely absent. It felt great to be in a space where people were pleasant to one another and simply enjoying music, food and the arts.

Marilyn Musumeci

Weisenberg Township

If not in-depth understanding, what should students learn?

In a recent Morning 첥Ƶ article, Northampton County Moms for Liberty Chair Aly Warner says that she is concerned about the prevalence of “woke” ideology in schools. The article goes on to say that Warner defines “woke” as “critical consciousness,” which is an educational and social concept that focuses on achieving an in-depth understanding of the world. If she is so opposed to this idea, does that mean that she would replace it with “unwoke” — an “unthinking, unawareness,” which is an uneducated, antisocial concept that fosters a small-minded, narrow, bigoted view of the world? Comparing the two ideas against each other, it seems to me that any “thinking” person would go with “woke” in a heartbeat. Maybe the Moms for Liberty just weren’t thinking. What do you think?

H. Lloyd Carbaugh


Trump convictions shows other trials should proceed

We should take a lesson from the voice of the people unanimously convicting Trump, according to the laws of the land, with no influence from the rich and famous. It is time that Judge Cannon and the Supreme Court stop slow walking the secret documents and Jan. 6 insurrection trials and allow them to proceed. It is my opinion that Judge Cannon should be served with the writ of mandamus so that the case can promptly move forward. Likewise, it is my opinion that two members (Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito) of the Supreme Court are purposely delaying the obvious denial of global immunity for a president. The famous saying is justice delayed is justice denied for both the defense and prosecution. All of Trump’s court losses are proof that the people view justice dramatically differently than the rich and famous (CEOs, Congress and Supreme Court).

David Thompson

Lower Macungie Township

Driving has turned into a horror film

Is it just me, or has rush hour morphed into a game of vehicular “Hunger Games?”  Between the texting minions and the folks who believe red means “speed up,” a simple trip to the grocery store feels like a game of dodgeball.

Stop signs, those red octagons of order, seem to be the kryptonite of some drivers. They whiz past with a casual wave, as if to say, “Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m on a deadline with destiny.”  Meanwhile, pedestrians are left contemplating the merits of interpretive dance to signal their right of way.

And don’t even get me started on red lights. Apparently, they’re merely festive decorations, like those blinking reindeer at Christmas. I’ve witnessed enough Russian red-light roulette to leave me wondering if basic physics has been rewritten for select drivers. Perhaps they’ve discovered a wormhole in spacetime, allowing them to warp through the very fabric of the intersection?

Look, folks, here’s the deal: a little respect for the red, yellow and stop would be delightful. Let’s not turn our roads into a demolition derby for the sake of saving three whole minutes. After all, wouldn’t arriving alive be a wonderful achievement?

Donald Cease


World War II hero, Trump were a study in contrasts

What a brilliant juxtaposition between the headlines on May 31 of Trump’s felony convictions and World War II hero Matt Gutman. A bold headline for an American disgrace vs. a hope-filled headline honoring a true American hero. I look forward to the day when the big headlines are reserved for the heroes and the disgraced are a foot note at the bottom where they deserve to be not only in the paper but in history.

Chris Everleth


Trump verdict shows no one is above the law

In reaction to his being found guilty of 34 felony counts, Donald Trump said, “If they can do this to me, they can do this to anyone.” That was the whole point of the trial; no one is above the law.

Edwin Kay


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